I help women 50 and over to strengthen their body through movement and healthy, whole foods so they can gain energy, achieve their ideal body image, and look and feel Fit & Fabulous on their Healthy Lifestyle Journey.

How this all happened…  While in High School I was diagnosed with LUPUS and the doctor told my mom I would not live to 21.  Things were BAD. Every morning I felt like I had been hit by a Mack Truck, every inch of my body hurt, but I got up and got ready for school.  Every evening, after a nap, I got up and went to work (most of those days, my niece, 11 years younger than myself, had to help me get dressed). After high school, I attended Florida State University for 3 semesters and I was kicked out due to my GPA.  [NOTE: It’s difficult to keep your GPA up when you are not attending classes because the Mack Truck won.]

I am happy to report that there really wasn’t an expiration date on me anywhere!  I’m well over age 21.  I returned to Florida State University and received my Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting while on dialysis.  While there, I was blessed with a kidney transplant.

With the kidney transplant came weight gain from the steroids and a diagnosis of pre-Type 2 Diabetes.  Using the concepts learned at the Institue for Integrative Nutrition, where I received my Certification as a Holistic Health Coach & Integrative Health Coach, the high-quality products from Beachbody (I am Team Beachbody Coach), daily movement, and changing the way I nourish my body, the pre-Type 2 Diabetes is gone and the weight is still coming off!

It is my desire to help you achieve these goals as well. If someone with my health history can achieve this, YOU can too. Let’s talk.  I offer One-on-One and group coaching.  A three (3) month/12 week commitment is REQUIRED for all One-on-One clients.  Sign up for a Complimentary Fit & Fabulous Session.

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